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Siemens Polyphos 30, X-RAY 125kV head teardown (part 1 of 3)

Teardown of the Siemens Polyphos 30 X-ray head which contains step-up transformers, voltage multipliers and a rotating plate x-ray tube and a lot of oil! Discussion of teardown and additional pictures: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?topic=523.0

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GE AMX-II, mobile 110kV X-RAY system teardown

Teardown of SCR inverter controller, driver and bridge for a General Electric mobile x-ray unit, the AMX-II. Features a 120V battery operated apparatus from 1979 which has a 60 Hz mains inverter and 500 Hz high voltage inverter. All analog … Continue reading

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Finished project: 3 phase 13A Lübcke variac

Yesterday I conducted the first successful resistive load test of a 3 phase 13 A variac stack that has been enhanced with safety and monitoring options. Read all about the construction and see all the pictures and video demonstration here.

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3 phase 13A Lübcke variac

Introduction On a junk yard I found a badly damaged enclosure containing a 3 phase 13 A variac, 10 kVA isolation transformer and 6 large stud diodes in a 3 phase full bridge rectifier configuration. It was not possible to … Continue reading

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Power supplies

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