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New online calculator: Snubber capacitor calculator

Calculate the needed snubber capacitance in order to protect your inverters IGBT/MOSFETs from too high swithcing transients, depending on your busbar layout and stray inductance. Try the new online calculator at: http://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/calculators/snubber-capacitor-calculator/

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Snubber capacitor calculator

Here you can calculate the snubber capacitance that is needed to keep transient voltages below the maximum allowed value. Stray inductance is the inductance in the primary circuit of the inverter. If the stray inductance is not known, the two … Continue reading

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Snubber capacitor selection for Tesla coils and inverters

This is chapter 6 of the DRSSTC design guide: Snubber capacitor When we switch on and off very large peak currents in a DRSSTC, residual energy will be trapped in the circuit stray inductance of the switching devices and busbar, that causes … Continue reading

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