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DIY 250W LED Flood Light for High Speed Filming, Part 3 of 3.

This is part 3 of my DIY LED flood light that is going to be used for high speed video filming with the FPS1000HD camera. In this video the lux value is measured to 25000 at 1 square meter which … Continue reading

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HP T620 Thin Client – PSU Hack And Windows PC Modification

The HP T-620 Thin Client is a powerful little machine, that with ease can be hacked into using a random 19VDC PSU and run Windows as any normal PC, easy and cheap PC! This thin client was thrown out, without … Continue reading

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Chinese 1800 Watt Induction Heater, Boxed Up With Server PSU + Test

The 1800W Induction Heater is now boxed up with all power supplies, water cooling, foot switch, current meter and insulated work coil. All information you could ever want to know about these 1800/2500 Watt Chinese induction heaters: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?topic=530.0

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Teardown of a Eaton PowerWare 60kVA UPS system

This is the teardown of a large 2x 60 kVA Eaton UPS system, first is the teardown video and below are some pictures and a little description of the components. Here is a picture of a single 60 kVA system … Continue reading

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Power supplies

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27″ LCD TV repair

Introduction I received a broken 27″ Prosonic LCD TV from a friend, it was on the way to get trashed if I did not want it. Prior experience told me to accept this offer and see what it would take … Continue reading

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My Equipment

Here is a list of the different electrical equipment I have in my possession. Power Supplies Likriktare ESP630, 2 – 57 VDC 25 A Danica dual 0-30 VDC 2 A bench power supply   Variacs 0 – 230 V, 12A, … Continue reading

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