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Finished project: Merlin Gerin PM700 power meter

Two days ago I conducted the first successful resistive load test of a 3 phase power meter that can measure voltage, current, power consumption, harmonic distortion and power factor. Read all about the construction and see all the pictures and video … Continue reading

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Merlin Gerin PM700 power meter

Introduction I wanted a small unit to plug into, or between two, mains feed cables to measure voltage, RMS current, power factor and harmonic distortion. I found this Merlin Gerin PM700 power meter at a fair price on ebay and … Continue reading

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Power Factor Correction for high power inverters

This is chapter 5: PFC of the DRSSTC design guide Power factor correction It would be optimal to feed all DRSSTCs from a boost converter with PFC front end, but it can be a complex task to undertake for the … Continue reading

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