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Worlds Weirdest Microwave Oven, From A Weapons Factory – The Husqvarna Cupol

Teardown of a 1970’s Microwave Oven from Husqvarna. The model “Cupol” was a iconic design from the Swedish designer Carl-Arne Breger. Additional information and pictures of the Cupol Microwave Oven and its designer.https://digitaltmuseum.se/021026355944/mikrovagsugn-for-metaller-och-elektronikhttps://www.minnenasjournal.nu/carl-arne-breger-designer-mr-plast-han-med-hinken/http://blogg.tekniskamuseet.se/raceforarens-mammas-mikrovagsugn/https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horno_de_microondas#Historia_del_horno_microondashttps://www.flickr.com/photos/lunar-1/29857467730

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333 Joule MOC capacitor bank

Introduction The idea behind a capacitor bank is to charge up as much energy as possible to short circuit that energy through small coils, aluminium paper, steel wool, wire and a lot of other things that can conduct a electric … Continue reading

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