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10 kVA Kjellberg Plasma Cutter CUTi 31 Teardown

A teardown of a Kjellberg CUTi 31 Plasma Cutter with a power rating of 10 kVA. Made for cutting in 25-30 mm steel. Connecting voltage (V): 3x 400VAC Connecting power (kVA) 10.4 Mains fuse, slow(A) 16 Open circuit voltage (V) … Continue reading

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ABB TRIO 20 kW Solar Inverter – Unboxing and Teardown

Three-phase string inverter, 20000Wac, 2 MPPT, 4 DC inputs for each MPPT, RS485 communication interface, IP65 (NEMA4x) environmental protection degree, integrated DC and AC disconnect switch, DC and AC surge arrester (type 2), string fuses (4+4 on each MPPT) and … Continue reading

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Siemens Polyphos 30, X-RAY Inverter and Control Panel Teardown (Part 3 of 3)

Teardown of the Siemens Polyphos 30 X-ray systems control panel including computer, safety functions, HMI and high voltage inverter circuit.

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750W Victron Solar Project – Power wall and 8 days performance – Part 3

In part 3 I test the setup with all 3 panels connected and look at the performance over the last 8 days. It all consists of: 3x 250W solar panels 1x Victron SmartSolar 100|30 MPPT battery charger 2x Norbatt 12V … Continue reading

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Unboxing a Chinese 1800 Watt Induction heater

I finally got around to get the IH out of the box and repair it, here is part 1 of a series of videos on this IH. This is a 1800 Watt Induction heater that I bought from ebay at … Continue reading

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Snubber capacitor calculator

Here you can calculate the snubber capacitance that is needed to keep transient voltages below the maximum allowed value. Stray inductance is the inductance in the primary circuit of the inverter. If the stray inductance is not known, the two … Continue reading

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Teardown video of Eaton PowerWare 30 kVA UPS

Here is a video from taking apart 3 UPS units from Eaton PowerWare, these are 30 kVA units that was previously described in pictures and text in one of my earlier teardown articles: http://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/electronics/teardown-eaton-powerware-30-kva-ups/ 

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