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5kJ capacitor bank, 1.5kJ BANG test at end!

For now all details during development and testing can be found on the forum thread: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?topic=25.0 35 capacitors in series, each 450VDC/1000uF, for a 48 uF bank with a voltage rating of 14000VDC, making it able to store roughly 5kJ.

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A new dedicated high voltage forum!

Hello everyone! The comment sections on my website have grown long with questions, advices and solutions. So I have expanded the site with a brand new forum, on a dedicated domain. We are a group of seasoned high voltage and … Continue reading

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24 kV Marx generator

Introduction This was my first high voltage circuit that eventually led me into building other high voltage generators, supplies and Tesla coils. A Marx generator works by the principle of charging up a number of capacitors in parallel and when … Continue reading

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