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DIY 250W LED Flood Light for High Speed Filming, Part 3 of 3.

This is part 3 of my DIY LED flood light that is going to be used for high speed video filming with the FPS1000HD camera. In this video the lux value is measured to 25000 at 1 square meter which … Continue reading

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New Year Special – Yspace? Static Rocket Engine Test! 3 Boosters + Slow Motion

Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful 2020 to you all! Thank you to all followers, subscribers and members www.kaizerpowerelectronics.dk and www.highvoltageforum.net A second video, end of the year comedy/spoof! Can tradition be broken by second video on second year?

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Video gear & workflow: Canon 5D mk3, Rødelink, FPS1000HD and more

A walk-through and demonstration of all my video and audio equipment that I use for youtube videos.

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FPS1000HD high speed camera unboxing and first impressions

I ordered the FPS1000 platinum back in April 2015 on kickstarters backerkit site, then in March decided to upgrade to the platinum double. Fast forward 1½ years and the projects stalls, a new kickstarter for the FPS1000HD was started (which … Continue reading

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