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SSTC and DRSSTC musical modulator

Since Martin from ctc-labs.de decided to close down his website, which was all written in German, I asked him for permission to translate and publish some of his content to keep it online and public for others to use. So … Continue reading

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Musical SSTC/DRSSTC interrupter

All credit for this article goes to Martin Ebbefeld from ctc-labs.de, after he closed down his website we made an agreement of me hosting some of his content. I translated his article as best as I could from German to … Continue reading

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Kaizer DRSSTC update #7 – Show and tell

While we had the box open for removing the real-time current control, as you can see in the previous post, I did a walk through of how the coil is put together and what parts have been used.

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Kaizer DRSSTC III update #6 – First full power test after removing RTC

After cutting out the bonding wires to the RTC circuit of the CM600DU-24FA IGBT bricks, which we thought could be one of the reasons that we were not able to trip the 1500 A OCD setting, we had a short test … Continue reading

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Winners of a DRSSTC UD2.1 board

Seven users entered the lottery for a board by leaving a comment with a email address and through a gentleman agreement subscribed to the various channels related to this site. Two random numbers have been drawn between 1 and 7 using … Continue reading

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Kaizer DRSSTC III update #5 – First full power light!

The first full power light sparks have been flown and the results was more than satisfying! See the videos and pictures in the full article!

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Topload design and selection for Tesla coils

This is chapter 10 of the DRSSTC design guide: Topload Intro The topload of a Tesla coil serves more than one purpose. The most important and why it is there in the first place is that it acts as a capacitor … Continue reading

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DRSSTC III update #3

The large 7 ringed topload and 150 cm tall secondary has been finished and adds another large piece to the big build project. All the pictures can be seen at the bottom of the page: http://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/tesla-coils/kaizer-drsstc-iii/

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Tesla coil and DRSSTC frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions How to make a DRSSTC? If you have never build a DRSSTC before, the best practice is to copy someone else’s proven design. There are many pits to fall in doing design, construction and testing that can … Continue reading

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Secondary coil design and construction for Tesla coils

This is chapter 9 of the DRSSTC design guide: Secondary coil Intro Building the secondary coil be a very time consuming and tedious task, but it is of paramount importance that everything is done properly and that time is spent on … Continue reading

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