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Sodium 40″ LCD TV repair

Introduction A friend of mine had this defective TV set and wanted me to take a look at it. When plugged in the red led would light up and you could power it on to get a green led, but … Continue reading

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DRSSTC design guide

Introduction to the guide This is a guide that aims to explain a few in depth details and best practices that one should have in mind when designing and building a Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil (DRSSTC). It is … Continue reading

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4kJ capacitor bank videos

This is the first test of short-circuiting 1800VDC from a 2500uF capacitor through a mini circuit breaker to see what kind of damage a high energy surge current do to the protective equipment in electrical installations. 4kJ of energy released … Continue reading

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Good MMC capacitors

Here is a list of capacitors tested by the high voltage community to be known to withhold the use as primary capacitor in Tesla coils. Capacitor specifications are taken from data sheets at 100kHz and some values for peak current, … Continue reading

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24 kV Marx generator

Introduction This was my first high voltage circuit that eventually led me into building other high voltage generators, supplies and Tesla coils. A Marx generator works by the principle of charging up a number of capacitors in parallel and when … Continue reading

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27″ LCD TV repair

Introduction I received a broken 27″ Prosonic LCD TV from a friend, it was on the way to get trashed if I did not want it. Prior experience told me to accept this offer and see what it would take … Continue reading

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4000 Joule capacitor bank

Introduction The idea behind a capacitor bank is to charge up as much energy as possible to short circuit that energy through small coils, aluminium paper, steel wool, wire and a lot of other things that can conduct a electric … Continue reading

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Humax 40″ LCD TV repair

Introduction I was taking a walk with my girlfriend when we came by a house with a 40″ LCD TV standing against the wall outside, on our way back to the apartment the TV was still standing there. I knocked … Continue reading

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Capacitor code table

European capacitor material codes FKC = metal foil and polycarbonate FKP = metal foil and polypropylene MKC = metallized polycarbonate foil MKI = metallized polyphenylene sulphide MKP = metallized polypropylene MKS = polystyrene (metallized or with foil) MKT = metallized … Continue reading

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