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Introduction I wanted to build a small DRSSTC in a few days without having prepared anything, most parts are reused or scrapped from things I have found and saved.   Safety WARNING!: Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found … Continue reading

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Isophon BS35 loudspeakers

Introduction I started building a valve amplifier and thought to myself that I needed some proper Hi-Fi speakers from about the same age as the valve amplifiers was refined to the art it is today. I got recommended a restored … Continue reading

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2W UCL82 SE tube amplifier

Introduction I got a very old TV from a colleague, it had been stored in his parents attic for almost 30 years. It was huge and ruined from the time it was stored, so he only brought me the electronics … Continue reading

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Kaizer SSTC II

Introduction This is a modified version of the first SSTC I built, the Kaizer SSTC I. It uses the same secondary, topload and driver board. New things is a full bridge of IRFP460 MOSFETs, audio modulation, shielded drivers and a … Continue reading

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555 Audio modulated flyback

Introduction This is a audio modulated arc generator designed for simplicity rather than reliability, its made with very few and common components. There is however some serious trade offs described below in considerations. WARNING: sensitive audio players might get damaged … Continue reading

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