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3x MIDI videos from DRSSTC1 demonstration

All MIDI files played can be found in this thread: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?topic=118.0 DRSSTC1 information: http://kaizerpowerelectronics.dk/tesla-coils/kaizer-drsstc-i/ which I will soon update with the rebuilded bridge Popcorn Star Wars – Imperial Death March Dave Brubeck – Take Five

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Video gear & workflow: Canon 5D mk3, Rødelink, FPS1000HD and more

A walk-through and demonstration of all my video and audio equipment that I use for youtube videos.

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Building the OpenTheremin V3

Introduction I received a bare board and some of the SMD components for a OpenThereminV3, it is a semi-assembled kit that can be bought from Gaudi ( http://www.gaudi.ch/OpenTheremin/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=180&Itemid=115 ). The board I got was from a previous unsoldered kit where you … Continue reading

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100 Watt 6P45S amplifier update #2

The latest update to the 100 Watt 6P45S tube amplifier is about a lot of testing and fault finding have gone into the tube amplifier to correct noise and hum issues. It is now in a state where the audio amplifier itself … Continue reading

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100 Watt 6P45S amplifier update

The latest update to the 100 Watt 6P45S tube amplifier is about the new printed circuit boards, installation in the enclosure and a simple signal generator test.

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100 Watt output from 6P45S tube amplifier

The latest update to the 100 Watt 6P45S tube amplifier is the measurements of frequency response from square waves and bandwidth measurements. The prototype is now considered done as it has proved itself capable of outputting 210 Watt peak before … Continue reading

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50W 6P45S monoblock tube amplifier

Introduction The main reason for building a new set of amplifiers came with purchasing a set of old studio monitors, the legendary JBL 4333. These 75 Watt speakers with 15″ bass drivers needed a amplifier that could deliver some more … Continue reading

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2x30W EL34 tube amplifier

Published on: Oct 11, 2011. Last updated: July 27, 2018. Introduction Ever since building the 2W single ended tube amplifier, I wanted to build something better, something that is considered a good amplifier among tube amplifier enthusiast. It is in … Continue reading

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Introduction I wanted to build a small DRSSTC in a few days without having prepared anything, most parts are reused or scrapped from things I have found and saved.   Safety WARNING!: Working with electricity is dangerous, all information found … Continue reading

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Isophon BS35 loudspeakers

Introduction I started building a valve amplifier and thought to myself that I needed some proper Hi-Fi speakers from about the same age as the valve amplifiers was refined to the art it is today. I got recommended a restored … Continue reading

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