Server PSU Hack – EMC2 API4SG10 12VDC 300W From a Dell PowerEdge M1000E

A guide on how to make the, EMC2 API4SG10 (Dell# 071-000-482) , server power supply run outside of its server enclosure. A simple bridge between control pins next to the 230VAC GND pins is required.

Schematic for the modification

Dell PowerEdge M1000E Blade Server Teardown
I came by a discarded full size Dell PowerEdge M1000E server rack. Full SAN, 2 large blade servers, 4 or 6 backbone switches, all power supplies and fans. This is a system that is about 8-10 years old and had a new price of around 1000000 DKR (166666 $US).
It was all unloaded in a big mess into a container and I only had time/space to take a blade server, all power supplies and fans with me. Hard disks all go to destruction and backbone switches and the M1000E cabinet itself is too big and clumsy to have any real value in the work shop.

Discussion of the teardown:

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