Analog Panel Meter Shunt Calculation and Custom Scale Design

I needed a 50A current meter for the 1800W induction heater ( ), but had none with the proper scaling. I do however have a large box of Kyoritsu KM-66 1 mA blank scale meters, so I decided to do a video on the following topics:

  • Learn how to calculate the shunt resistor for your analog panel meter
  • Guesstimate the internal resistance of a unknown meter
  • Design custom scales if you have a blank meter or want to use a meter for another purpose than its original.

Link to scale-o-matic:
Link to Meter from Tonne software:

About Mads Barnkob

Electrician, programmer, experimenter and amateur scientist with experience in industry automation, programming and all kinds of high voltage generating electronics. Administrator of and the high voltage community forum
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