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Taking a look at the Toshiba Toughbook CF-18 vintage computer

Here is a laptop, used for field engineering work back from 2006 where it was released. I am doing a quick overview and demonstration of this laptop. A glimpse of computer history to have a record of things, as this … Continue reading

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Photomultiplier scintillation experiment

I have successfully detected something, this might sound a little uncertain, but there definitely is detected some kind of radiation or particle energy that causes varyous levels of light generated in the BC408 scintillation plastic that is attached to the … Continue reading

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Teardown – Schneider Electric frequency inverter ALTIVAR71

I picked up two of there 5.5kW frequency inverters from a scrap yard. Both assumed to be thrown out due to malfunction. I took them home to dismantle them for parts to use in other projects. First we have the … Continue reading

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Isophon BS35 speakerset complete

I have finished the speakerset built for my upcoming valve amplifier and you can read all about the construction in the article by following this link:

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homopolar motor

This morning I made the simple experiment first demonstrated by Michael Faraday in 1821, the homopolar motor. It is a simple electric motor that anyone should be able to make from common household items. Enjoy 🙂

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Demonstration of Thrige power station

Introduction I visited one of the monthly openings at an old power station from 1916 that is still operational, it is only maintained and started up to give a demonstration of a beautiful piece of machinery to the public. A … Continue reading

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