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Electrician, programmer, experimenter and amateur scientist with experience in industry automation, programming and all kinds of high voltage generating electronics. Administrator of and the high voltage community forum

How to build a Tesla coil. Design, theory and compromises!

A live broadcast that I did on Sunday, February 4, 2018 with focus on designing Tesla coils with special focus on the DRSSTC topology. Questions about the Tesla coil theory and design tools can be asked during the broadcast and … Continue reading

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Computer scrap gold money WITHOUT chemicals or mechanical processing

In this video I show how you can still make money on scrap computer parts without refining the parts yourself, so there is no use of chemicals, no tedious work in crushing and grounding parts, no burning and melting. Just … Continue reading

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How I came to build a 4 meter spark generating Tesla coil, a technical story from 2008 to 2016.

Here is the recording of the live stream I did on 2018 January 31, Wednesday at 2000 CET, I performed a live stream on youtube to talk about how I started building Tesla coils, the journey that went on for … Continue reading

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FPS1000HD high speed camera unboxing and first impressions

I ordered the FPS1000 platinum back in April 2015 on kickstarters backerkit site, then in March decided to upgrade to the platinum double. Fast forward 1½ years and the projects stalls, a new kickstarter for the FPS1000HD was started (which … Continue reading

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Youtube removes monetization for all small channels!

I hope that everyone will watch this video as the changes youtube is making has a much larger impact on the electronics / high voltage community than just my own channel. I hope you will help me spread the word … Continue reading

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Building the OpenTheremin V3

Introduction I received a bare board and some of the SMD components for a OpenThereminV3, it is a semi-assembled kit that can be bought from Gaudi ( ). The board I got was from a previous unsoldered kit where you … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2018 slow motion special!

Happy new year to all the readers, followers, subscribers, liker’s and users that has to do with reading, commenting and writing on or I have filmed a small new year special video for you all! See you all … Continue reading

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Teardown of a medium voltage fuse (7200 V / 200 A)

I got my hands of a old NEBB (Norsk Elektriske Brown Boveri) medium voltage fuse, rated for 7200 V, 200 A and 350 MVA. My best guess from the company name is that it originates from before 1988 where NEBB … Continue reading

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Taking a look at the Toshiba Toughbook CF-18 vintage computer

Here is a laptop, used for field engineering work back from 2006 where it was released. I am doing a quick overview and demonstration of this laptop. A glimpse of computer history to have a record of things, as this … Continue reading

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5kJ capacitor bank fired at 12kVDC / 3.5kJ charge

Third experiment with the bank of 35 electrolytic capacitors connected in series. Results are better than theoretical estimate, which was 6000 A limited by ESR, so getting just over 7000 A is good, but the result is still a little … Continue reading

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