DSO138, Not Even Once

Before you buy a DSO138 or DSO150 from ebay, amazon, wish or aliexpress, it is important to understand what you are getting. The specifications are very loosely written and what looks good on paper is useless in practical use. Here I test the DSO138 specified at 200 kHz, but in reality it is worthless above 20 kHz.

Buying the right oscilloscope is knowing your work area limits and where it might be in the future. I recommend that you read: 12 things to consider when choosing an oscilloscope: https://www.mouser.com/pdfdocs/Tektronix12_things_to_consider1.pdf

For the Nyquist applet to play with:

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Chinese 150 Watt Induction Heater, unboxing and test.

Review and test of a mini induction heater. At just 12V 10-15A you can have a small and effective induction heater for your work bench.

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10 kVA Kjellberg Plasma Cutter CUTi 31 Teardown

A teardown of a Kjellberg CUTi 31 Plasma Cutter with a power rating of 10 kVA. Made for cutting in 25-30 mm steel.

Connecting voltage (V): 3x 400VAC
Connecting power (kVA) 10.4
Mains fuse, slow(A) 16
Open circuit voltage (V) 240
Cutting current (A) 20…70
Duty cycle 70A/35% or 50A/100%

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New Year Special – Yspace? Static Rocket Engine Test! 3 Boosters + Slow Motion

Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful 2020 to you all!

Thank you to all followers, subscribers and members www.kaizerpowerelectronics.dk and www.highvoltageforum.net

A second video, end of the year comedy/spoof! Can tradition be broken by second video on second year?

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How To Fix A Broken iPhone

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

How to fix a broken iphone, shoutout to Louis Rossmann 🙂

This years seasonal greetings is a bit of comedy.

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Julabo ED Heating Immersion Circulator Test and Teardown

Test and Teardown of a Julabo ED heating immersion circulator from a decommissioned laboratory.

JULABO immersion circulators for controlling temperature +20 to +150 °C in any bath tank up to 50 liters. Parts that are immersed in bath liquid are constructed of stainless steel or synthetic material. Common applications include controlling the temperature of samples, temperature testing of articles, materials testing, and evaluation, adjustment, and calibration or thermometers and thermal switches.

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Aethra CCD Webcam Teardown – From Back When Streaming Was Expensive!

This is a Aethra Colour CCD Webcam that was part of a system made for remote medical diagnose / consultation for patients in remote locations. The system was mounted in a car to be mobile, so a driver could visit patients and make a call to the doctor do complete the consultation within the patients home. The system was driven by a embedded PC with a complete circuit for the interface, audio/video and running all peripherals on a RS232 daisy chain. The whole setup used some kind of GSM link to transfer the video and audio signal, seemed to be a very expensive and complex setup.

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Worlds Weirdest Microwave Oven, From A Weapons Factory – The Husqvarna Cupol

Teardown of a 1970’s Microwave Oven from Husqvarna. The model “Cupol” was a iconic design from the Swedish designer Carl-Arne Breger.

Additional information and pictures of the Cupol Microwave Oven and its designer.

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HP T620 Thin Client – PSU Hack And Windows PC Modification

The HP T-620 Thin Client is a powerful little machine, that with ease can be hacked into using a random 19VDC PSU and run Windows as any normal PC, easy and cheap PC!

This thin client was thrown out, without anything else than the box itself, no power supplies, no nothing.

The port and connector layout from the manual shows that the HP T-620 models needs a 19VDC power supply. A little searching showed that it was not as simple as just supplying it with 19VDC. HP has put in a few tricks to make a “smart laptop charger” so that you can only use their chargers.

The “smart laptop charger” restriction can be bypassed with a simple current limiting hack as per this little schematics.

All credits for this hack goes to: http://nerdipedia.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=Smart+laptop+charger

The machine itself is powerful enough to put a little work into modding it into a PC, running Linux or Windows off a USB disk or for some models, you can even find a spare SSD slot on the motherboard, unlucky for me, this model does not have that option.

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ABB TRIO 20 kW Solar Inverter – Unboxing and Teardown

Three-phase string inverter, 20000Wac, 2 MPPT, 4 DC inputs for each MPPT, RS485 communication interface, IP65 (NEMA4x) environmental protection degree, integrated DC and AC disconnect switch, DC and AC surge arrester (type 2), string fuses (4+4 on each MPPT) and single string current monitoring

Pictures and discussion: https://highvoltageforum.net/index.php?topic=813.0

Full details: https://new.abb.com/products/6AGC002904/trio-20-0-tl-outd-s2x-400-inverter

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