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New Year Special – Yspace? Static Rocket Engine Test! 3 Boosters + Slow Motion

Happy New Year and best wishes for a wonderful 2020 to you all! Thank you to all followers, subscribers and members and A second video, end of the year comedy/spoof! Can tradition be broken by second video on second year?

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How To Fix A Broken iPhone

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! How to fix a broken iphone, shoutout to Louis Rossmann 🙂 This years seasonal greetings is a bit of comedy.

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Julabo ED Heating Immersion Circulator Test and Teardown

Test and Teardown of a Julabo ED heating immersion circulator from a decommissioned laboratory. JULABO immersion circulators for controlling temperature +20 to +150 °C in any bath tank up to 50 liters. Parts that are immersed in bath liquid are … Continue reading

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Aethra CCD Webcam Teardown – From Back When Streaming Was Expensive!

This is a Aethra Colour CCD Webcam that was part of a system made for remote medical diagnose / consultation for patients in remote locations. The system was mounted in a car to be mobile, so a driver could visit … Continue reading

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Worlds Weirdest Microwave Oven, From A Weapons Factory – The Husqvarna Cupol

Teardown of a 1970’s Microwave Oven from Husqvarna. The model “Cupol” was a iconic design from the Swedish designer Carl-Arne Breger. Additional information and pictures of the Cupol Microwave Oven and its designer.

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HP T620 Thin Client – PSU Hack And Windows PC Modification

The HP T-620 Thin Client is a powerful little machine, that with ease can be hacked into using a random 19VDC PSU and run Windows as any normal PC, easy and cheap PC! This thin client was thrown out, without … Continue reading

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ABB TRIO 20 kW Solar Inverter – Unboxing and Teardown

Three-phase string inverter, 20000Wac, 2 MPPT, 4 DC inputs for each MPPT, RS485 communication interface, IP65 (NEMA4x) environmental protection degree, integrated DC and AC disconnect switch, DC and AC surge arrester (type 2), string fuses (4+4 on each MPPT) and … Continue reading

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Analog Panel Meter Shunt Calculation and Custom Scale Design

I needed a 50A current meter for the 1800W induction heater ( ), but had none with the proper scaling. I do however have a large box of Kyoritsu KM-66 1 mA blank scale meters, so I decided to … Continue reading

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Visiting The Expo: HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2019

I visited HI Tech & Industry Scandinavia 2019 in Herning, Denmark and while doing so I recorded clips of the most interesting robots, robotics, machines, vision, PLC and machine technology. You can find booth exhibitions from Schneider Electric, Beckhoff, Flir, … Continue reading

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Chinese 1800 Watt Induction Heater – Horizontal Oven Heat Insulation Test

Test with using regular mineral wool for house insulation, to insulated the work coil in order to achieve higher steel temperatures. Here is another try, just with horizontal instead to contain some more heat, accidentally melted some plastic on the … Continue reading

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