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Hacking the IKEA 2000 Watt induction stove, teardown (part 1)

The first part of a series of maybe 5 chapters on tearing down and hacking a IKEA 2000 Watt induction stove is now online. Click the box below to read the whole article and get all the details. Hacking IKEA … Continue reading

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New online calculator: Snubber capacitor calculator

Calculate the needed snubber capacitance in order to protect your inverters IGBT/MOSFETs from too high swithcing transients, depending on your busbar layout and stray inductance. Try the new online calculator at:

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Ericsson Radio Base Station RBS6000 teardown

The RBS 6201 two radio shelves can be equipped with virtually any combination of GSM, WCDMA and LTE, which are available for all common frequencies. A single radio shelf can provide up to 3×8 GSM or 3×4 MIMO WCDMA or 3×20 MHz MIMO … Continue reading

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