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Happy new year!

I hope to learn even more about electronics in 2015, I hope I get to build more projects and I hope that I have the time to publish it all for you to read, comment and build for yourself. Happy … Continue reading

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Kaizer DRSSTC 1 – high BPS video

A short video of high BPS ground strikes. The entire article about this Tesla coil:

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4kJ capacitor bank videos

This is the first test of short-circuiting 1800VDC from a 2500uF capacitor through a mini circuit breaker to see what kind of damage a high energy surge current do to the protective equipment in electrical installations. 4kJ of energy released … Continue reading

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File archive added to the site

Through this hobby I get by many interesting papers, documents, calculations, manuals, datasheets, designs etc. I do also find stuff, take pictures of stuff and do all kind of other stuff that never really gets big enough or done enough … Continue reading

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Project updates #3

The radiation monitoring is back up and running after a small upgrade of the 400V inverter choke which should make it run completely stable again. I repaired my 15 year old Texas Instruments TI-83 calculator and it is almost as … Continue reading

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Kaizer DRSSTC III tested at 1500 Ampere peak

A static load test was conducted with the large CM600 DRSSTC inverter, a container with water was placed instead of the secondary coil and inverter was running at 320VDC at 1500 Ampere peak current. Read the full article at:

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uRADMonitor live from Odense, Denmark

uRADMonitor is a network connected monitoring station, focused on continuous Environmental Radiation Surveillance. This capability is delivered by a digital dosimeter constructed around the highly sensitive Geiger Muller tube SBM20U. This is a uRADMonitor that I have installed outside of … Continue reading

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100 Watt output from 6P45S tube amplifier

The latest update to the 100 Watt 6P45S tube amplifier is the measurements of frequency response from square waves and bandwidth measurements. The prototype is now considered done as it has proved itself capable of outputting 210 Watt peak before … Continue reading

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