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Kaizer DRSSTC II – upgraded and kicking!

After driving the small TO-247 IGBTs so hard that they eventually failed, I have now upgraded the half bridge with a couple of IXGN60N60C2D1 isotop IGBT bricks. It is tuned much better now and is giving a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Kaizer DRSSTC II – built, abused and broken

I made a small DRSSTC which only lasted a couple of runs before the TO-247 IBGTs have to give up. It gave a good 24 cm sparks will get upgraded in the near future with some heavier silicon for larger … Continue reading

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How to repair a LCD TV

In this article I show how I repaired a broken LCD TV. A few bad capacitors in the power supply is enough to ruin a large expensive TV. Read the article and gain inspiration to repair your own TV.

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The Spark Killer!

Salvaging electronics do not only work for supplying your hobby with cheap parts, also cheap laugh 🙂 Here is a on/off switch from a 1980’s transistor radio, having a capacitor across the AC terminals is not strange and will protect … Continue reading

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Isophon BS35 speakerset complete

I have finished the speakerset built for my upcoming valve amplifier and you can read all about the construction in the article by following this link:

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